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PIKOLO - the creative magazine for curious preschoolers 

Do you remember yourself in the childhood looking up in the sky to search for different forms of clouds?

What did you see there? An acrobat? A dream sheep, or maybe a dinosaur or even an astronaut? 🚀

This ever changing, happy little cloud is full of surprises and he would love to become your friend. His name is Pikolo and he can turn in to anything he imagines. He encourages kids to aim high and not to be afraid of their craziest dreams. Pikolo dreams big dreams, he is curious and friendly cloud. He has many friends that can be found in his own magazine for preschoolers.  


It is the first children's magazine in Latvia that is created by Latvian illustrators and authors. Pikolo has now issued 7 volumes, each volume exploring a different theme. We would like to see Pikolo becoming a collection of  a child's thoughts, ideas and dreams, and as the magazine grows, the child will grow with it. 



The magazine offers practical activities for children that encourage imagination, curiosity, creativity and fine-motor skills. Our aim is to provide and support children with creative activities, putting emphasis that a child can do it, encouraging the process of learning and celebrating the effort. Preschool aged children learn mostly through touch and action, therefore Pikolo aims to offer a variety of creative activities, encouraging a child to think and act  - to write, to draw , to read, to cut, to question, to be curious, to try and to understand.

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 Pikolo magazine was founded by illustrator Liga Kitchen and entrepreneur Katrina Talberga in 2018. Both creative and leading skills combined are the core of the team creating 4 issues per year. Each issue welcomes guest creative team - 4 talented illustrators, authors, musicians, psychologists, moms and teachers who share their knowledge for the best result.


"We believe that Pikolo magazine, printed on a high quality paper, filled with thought through activities, stories and illustrations,  will become a treasured land kept collection of your childs memories, experiences and development."

Liga & Katrina 

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